KMW Gear

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This is a collection of various KMW Rifles and hardware that is moving through the shop.  Clicking on an image will enlarge it and show a description.

KMW Customers

KMW would not exist if it were not for my clients that trust this shop with their business.  This is a very brief collection of a few customers that shared their photos. 

Brian and Jacob at 2016 TBRC
Tony P at 2016 TBRC Championship
J.D. at 2016 TBRC
Big Joe at 2016 TBRC
Regina M
Vu P
Southaven PD
Gerald D
Tomas in Sweden 1
Marie firing 300 SAUM 2
John in Alabama 2
Geordie at 2015 Finale
Justin Shireman at 2015 PRS Finale
Jacob Denney at 2015 P.R.S.Finale

KMW Shop Gallery

Here are a few key areas of the KMW shop.  This is where I spend most of my life.  Clicking on an image will enlarge it and show a description.

Building SENTINEL stocks
Building SENTINEL stocks
Primary Barreling Lathe
Teardown and Assembly benches
Premium Coatings

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