Components of a discontinued stock series from 2010.

All M.A.C.S. parts set are SOLD AS IS.

No Returns.



Inlet:  KMW Integrated Mounting Block Chassis  - Short Action / Right Hand, ( IMB included in this pkg.)
Heavy Varmint Barrel Channel + Inletted for KMW MUNSter NV.   Medium Fill.  

Finish: Molded in McMillan Sand Camo.


*Includes Integrated Mounting Block that will accommodate most Rem M700 Short Action, Right Hand style actions (Rem 700, Defiance, Pierce, etc.).Short Action / Right Hand,

Also Includes:

>KMW SENTINEL DBM Bottom Metal without magazine.

>Original folding hardware. *This hardware is NOT INSTALLED and does not have the original compression spring that was used on the BETA test rifles.

>3 Original 1913 Picatinny rail sections as used on original stocks and the internal "Dog Bone" that was mounted under the barrel channel to anchor the side rails.  *This hardware is NOT INSTALLED.


This parts kit DOES NOT include:

>Adjustable Cheek Rest Hardware.  

          *KMW LoggerHead hardware can be ordered serarately from this site for you to install.

>Recoil pad or Adjustable LOP parts.

           *KMW Adjustable LOP parts kit including Gen II Recoil Pad can be ordered separately from this site for you to install.


> Compression Spring for folding hinge. 

           * Small test run of springs were run for the original BETA rifles and are no longer in inventory.


SURPLUS M.A.C.S. parts kit. - Sand Camo - Short Action I.M.B. +NV Inlet


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