Inletted for Surgeon M591 , Short Action. Right Bolt / Right Port.
Heavy Palma Barrel Channel.     Medium Fill.
Molded In McMillan Urban Specter Camo
KMW SENTINEL DBM with one AICS 5rd. magazine.
KMW LoggerHead Adjustable Cheek hardware.
Gen II Limited Rotation Flush Cups x 5 positions.
KMW L.O.P. Spacer System with Gen II KMW recoil pad.
KMW Convertible Bipod Station with both Harris Plate and 1913 Pic Rail supplied.
2 x HoloKrome Grade-8 stock bolts, 2x oxide coated internal snap rings to retain stock bolts in DBM.
5/8" diameter pillars of correct length supplied (not installed). This stock drilled for pillars.

SN: 1270 / SENTINEL Combat Stock - Surgeon M591

SKU: 304-M591-S-RH-1270

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