Inletted for Surgeon M591 Action. Right Bolt / Right Port.
Heavy Palma Barrel Channel.      -      Medium Fill.
Molded In Marble Swirl:  Black, Lt.Tan and O.D.Green
KMW SENTINEL DBM with one AICS 5rd Magazine.*
KMW LoggerHead Adjustable Cheek hardware.
Gen II Limited Rotation Flush Cups x 5 positions.
KMW L.O.P. Spacer System with Gen II KMW recoil pad
KMW Convertible Bipod Station with both Harris Plate and 1913 Pic Rail supplied.
2 x HoloKrome Grade-8 stock bolts, 2x oxide coated internal snap rings to retain stock bolts in DBM.
5/8" diameter pillars of correct length supplied (not installed). This stock drilled for pillars.

SN: 1324 / SENTINEL Combat Stock - Surgeon M591 RH-

SKU: 304-M591-1324

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