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The SENTINEL S.W.S. is my benchmark for State of the Art precision Call Out Weapons.  Proven and trusted by many agencies across the country.

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SENTINEL and LongSword Custom Rifles built to precision tolerances with  the finest components and premium coatings.  Every rifle test fired for accuracy and reliability.


SENTINEL Combat Stocks developed and designed by Terry Cross to excel in the varied restrictions and demands of typical duty rifle environments.


Proprietary KMW designed hardware and components made to be used.  These products were born out of need and now time tested to be proven performers.


Thank you for visiting this site.  I appreciate your interest and hope that the information on these pages will help answer most of your questions about what I do.

NOTE:  Very heavy backlogs along with new product development have pushed my turnaround times past what I deemed acceptable and fair to my customers. 


Accordingly KMW will no longer be accepting customer spec'd rifle builds, however I will be building groups of "Spec" rifles for individual sale.  Each group of rifles will be built on specifications that I choose and those specifications may change from group to group.  Prior to each group of KMW "Spec" rifles becoming available, a complete work-order with features and pricing will be posted.  I do maintain a "Waiting List" for these rifles.  No deposits are taken and there is no obligation to buy when placed on any of these waiting lists.


Law Enforcement Agency quote requests and R.F.P.s are welcome.  KMW accepts government purchase orders as authorization to proceed with a project.   Specifications can be custom quoted to suit the needs of individual agency operations.


I must strike a balance between craftsmanship and delivery times while remaining innovative in my approach to building serious work rifles.  As always, KMW will continue to pursue the utmost in quality, accurate and rugged rifle builds but at a more controlled and goal directed pace.


No reservations or deposits are being taken at this time for individual rifle builds beyond being placed on a spec rifle waiting list.  See the rifle pages for information on a Waiting list that I maintain for individual purchase of SENTINEL and LongSword "spec" rifles.



KMW is and always has been an avid supporter of our past and present Military members.  This support also extends into various programs for wounded service members.     I appreciate your service!






I proudly acknowledge and support all of our Police, Fire and EMT service providers.







KMW is an active supporter of the Precision Rifle Series.  Click here to visit the official PRS website.







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