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SENTINEL  - Hunter   6.5PRC 

                                                                       Proven components and methods 


For years, friends and customers have pushed for me to build some "hunting" rifles but my backlog and scheduling have made it difficult to implement.


I finally decided to build a "Hunter" variant of the well established SENTINEL and LongSword work rifles.  By keeping as much in common with the normal rifles produced in the shop, I was able to work this group of rifles into the already hectic work flow.


 The SENTINEL - Hunter will be a yearly run of game rifles aimed at the Whitetail and Muley hunting crowd.  They retain all of the proven features and build techniques that continue to serve our Law Enforcement base well but the weight and appearance is biased more toward a traditional hunting rifle.  These rifles are built one at a time, personally hand finished, inspected and test fired just like my custom rifles have always been.  This combination of modern hardware with old school touches resulted in a unique rifle that is very accurate and easy to use across a wide range of hunting scenarios.



The heart of the SENTINEL -Hunter is the SENTINEL Mk-1 short action produced by Defiance Machine in Montana.  This variant of the SENTINEL action offers specific features  better suited to a hunting / cross-over rifle.  

Besides the normal Defiance Deviant Hunter features, this action includes reduced body diameter for better performance in extreme conditions and bolt handle boss tailored to accept the KMW Gen II Tactical knobs.


Krieger cut rifled Blank.  416 Stainless,  Medium Palma contour with Kriegers 10 flute pattern machined into the blank prior to rifling.

Finished at 26" with muzzle threaded 5/8-24 Class III.   Silencerco ASR muzzle brake installed but w/o Rockset.  I can ship without the ASR or Install your own preferred muzzle device that is 5/8-24 IIIA compatible.

Chambered in 6.5 PRC with custom JGS reamer designed for best performance with factory Hornady match ammo.




Triggers are the excellent Model 510-V2 supplied by Timney Manufacturing.


The stocks used in this Hunter series feature McMillan's McWalnut molded in finish that is actually the epoxy shell of the stock.  This assures that the colors and texture will endure many years of hard use without peeling or fading.


This stock is the proven and very popular SENTINEL Combat Stock.  It features an ambidextrous thumb hole grip and adjustable cheek piece design.  Unique features include a very low profile forend with conformal bottom optimized for the excellent Harris S-Series bipods.  A user changeable plate system allows the substitution of a supplied 1913 Picatinny Rail for those wanting to utilize the Accu-Shot or similar bipods.


Each KMW SENTINEL - Hunter rides in a version of this stock that includes  a precision machined Integrated Mounting Block or I.M.B. in lieu of conventional bedding.  This system has proven itself in duty and competition environments and carries a Lifetime warranty.


Every SENTINEL stock includes LoggerHead TM adjustable cheek piece hardware, Adjustable KMW Length of Pull spacer system and KMW designed DBM bottom metal that fully blends with and integrates seamlessly with this stock. 

Each SENTINEL Hunter uses the same proven Gen II SENTINEL DBM bottom metal that includes the new Captv-Mag feature used in my duty rifles.  This bottom metal offers low profile ambi mag latch and maximum Z-axis control of the magazine.  The receiver and bottom metal will accept all Accuracy International and MagPul AICSs and AW style magazine.


More information on these stocks can be seen by clicking here > SENTINEL Combat Stock.


Bolt Body, Firing Pin and Cocking Piece are coated by I.H.I. IonBond with a dark gray DLC finish for extreme durability and low maintenance.


Balance of metal components are coated in house with CeraKote Elite series ceramic hybrid finish.  Base color on this rifle package is Smoke which resembles old school Parkerizing or Manganese Phosphate finishes.


These SENTINEL - Hunter rifles are guaranteed to group under 1/2 MOA @ 100yds with Federal, Hornady or Prime Match ammunition.  This group of rifles averaged in the low 0.3"s for all of their test fire groups with Federal GM./Berger










This variant is seasonal.  One group will be built each year and offered on a first come, first serve basis.

These rifles will be available to ship by May 1, 2023.


Complete rifle as shown with one MDT steel magazine is $5,395.00 shipped to your FFL.

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