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LoggerHead  ACP Hardware


I am not a fan of adjustable features on working rilfes due to the increased opportunity for parts failure or operator mis-use.  However the modern evolution of optics and night vision technology has pushed the visual axis higher and higher above the bore. 


In an attempt to maintain proper head position and reduce fatigue for extended periods of deployment, more and more S.W.S. are being fielded with higher combs and adjustable cheek rests.


The LoggerHeadTM Adjustable Cheek Piece hardware is designed to address many shortcomings of other currently offered designs as well as offer some welcome new features.


First and foremost, my intent was to design a system that is tough enough to be used and trusted on Law Enforcement and Military applications.  The design needed to be robust, light weight and have a minimal number of components.  The design needed to insure retention of the cheek piece under severe conditions but still remain easy for the user to remove and return to the previous user preferred position.


The LoggerHead A.C.P. hardware is primarily designed to work with the excellent McMillan Fiberglass Stocks and Manners Composite Stocks that are molded with separate integral adjustable cheek piece.  It can also be custom installed in properly made synthetic and wood laminate stocks available from other manufacturers.  Several manufacturers are now using this hardware as OEM in their adjustable stocks and several others are testing it for future use in their stocks also.


I do not offer a version to work with any "Saddle" type cheek pieces as I feel that they are an inferior design due to forcing your face laterally away from the optical axis regardless of the vertical setting used.


LoggerHead A.C.P. hardware will not loosen from recoil, transport or wear.  The vertical position can be set for the individual operator's comb height preference which is then retained and repeatable when removing and re-attaching the cheek piece during bore cleaning or other maintenance.  Likewise the user's individual horizontal/lateral settings are repeatable on this hardware.



Alloy and Stainless Steel Construction

 Upper Assembly inlets flush into bottom of cheek piece for low visual signature

Lower Assembly inlets higher in the host stock insuring a stronger installation

No need to countersink the bottom assembly as in older designs used by others.


Drain holes in stock and floating clamp system insure an easy to maintain system in the field

E-Clip vertical stop is easy to adjust but stays put until moved by the operator.


This hardware offers flush locking bolt design that cannot snag on obstacles or your gear during movement

Reversible clamp crossbolt design accomodates LH and RH access

Weighs just 5.6 ounces / 164 grams


3/16" Hex wrench fittings adjust crossbolt clamp as well as lateral/horizontal adjustments.



Materials offer maximum durability and corrosion resistance

Clamp system does not damage upper assembly columns with use, yet provides a full vertical inch and 320 degrees of grip on the columns.


Will not shoot loose or lose adjustment during movement and transport.

Longer and Stronger vertical adjustment than other competitive designs.


User's vertical and horizontal settings are retained during removal and re-installation of the cheek piece

Fewer cuts in the stock exterior offer improved strength and cosmetics.


Water cannot collect and freeze around lower assembly.  Complete system can be hosed or blown out while in the field.




INFO AND PROJECT PLANNING:  Below are 3 image files with dimensional information that may be valuable in feasibility and installation planning.  Click on the link to access the PDF file for each.

Need Help Installing this hardware?

I do not "convert" fixed comb stocks to Integral Adjustable stocks.   All of the stocks that KMW installs hardware on are molded as a 2 piece body with separate cheek piece.

If you are looking for a qualified shop to do a professional conversion of your fixed comb stock, I highly recommend Joe Ducos.  

Joe has done hundreds of conversions to McMillan, Manners, Bell & Carson, H-S Precision, Grayboe and various OEM stocks.  There are 100s of pictures of his work posted on various forums by satisfied customers that have utilized his service.  Joe stands behind his work and takes great pride in the finished work.

Joe will do the necessary dissecting of your comb, fill any necessary voids, prep, install KMW LoggerHead hardware and refinish the altered areas to blend with the original stock finish.  Considering the amount of labor and detail work involved with the correct execution of this work, Joe is extremely reasonable with pricing and turnaround.  

Joe is easy to work with and communicates well with his clients.  If you wish to make an inquiry direct with Joe he can be reached at:



Phone:  (209) 620 - 5268

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