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SENTINEL  Combat Stocks    


The SENTINEL Combat Stock was developed and designed from the ground up by Terry Cross.  It is the product of 4 years of work that includes input from tactical competition shooters as well as Law Enforcement agencies across the country.  The raw stock bodies are manufactured for KMW by McMillan Fiberglass Stocks. 






















KMW installs all hardware and peripherals to finish building the stock packages. This includes the KMW L.O.P. system, LoggerHead cheek piece hardware, KMW convertible bipod station, Gen II limited rotation flush cup sling hardpoints and SENTINEL DBM/TriggerGuard system.  Where specified the Integrated Mounting Block and/or MUNSter NV mount are also installed by KMW.


This stock features an ambidextrous design.  All curves, grips and lines are symmetrical from side to side.  Designed to be easily shot from the left or right shoulder, it also has other unique features including a very low profile forend and a conformal bottom custom molded to seat the excellent Harris S-Series bipods as close to the barrel channel as possible.


A large variety of Marble and Camouflage patterns as well as solid colors can be "molded in" as part of the Gel Coat outer epoxy layer.












Every SENTINEL Combat Stock includes the very successful LoggerHead Adjustable Cheekpiece hardware.  This KMW designed hardware is proven to retain shooter preferences when removed and replaced yet never vibrate loose when shooting or transporting the rifle.   All hardware parts are custom machined from Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 or  7075-T6 aluminum as well as 300 series stainless steel.  All aluminum surfaces are matte black anodized and all stainless steel components are Chrome Sulphide matte black treated for low visual signature and maximum wear resistance.



















All stocks include the new Gen II Limited Rotation flush cups in 5 locations and a convertible station for bipod attachement under the forearm.  KMW L.O.P. Spacer System and Pachmayr D550 pad is standard on all stocks.
















Each stock includes KMW designed DBM/TriggerGuard bottom hardware that accepts Accuracy International Magazines.  KMW uses genuine Accuracy International magazines as OEM for all stocks and complete rifles.  Additional magazines are available at time of purchase.


Length of Pull is adjustable from 12.5" to 14.5"



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One of the available feature upgrades for the SENTINEL Combat Stock is the Integrated Mounting Block.


I designed the I.M.B. in 2008 as a response to a RFP specifying a "no bedding system".  This feature can be loosely defined as an internal "chassis" as termed in some circles.


The I.M.B. is not a V-Block.  Instead, I elected to use a full hemsiphere curved block with a slight interference fit.  This approach gives maximum surface contact with the receiver and also supports the receiver all the way to the top waterline of the stock.


The I.M.B. is precision CNC machined from 6061-T6 bar stock.  The design includes features that will accomodate several action types that are based on the Remington Model 700 footprint geometry.  This design can accept recoil lugs in excess of 0.370" thick and most custom actions with side bolt stops.


The Integrated mounting block is permanently bonded into the host stock.  This procedure utilizes a fixture that mimicks a barreled action with front bushings to fit each barrel channel cut and allows precise alignment of this block with the stock.  This ensures that any barreled action mounted into the IMB will be centered in the barrel channel or NV mount.

The action mating radius of the IMB insures that the receiver tang has full contact and cannot be "pinched" as with some V-block designs. 


The IMB also blends well with the exterior lines of the stock to offer the best cosmetics.

This design is very robust and rigid.  The design also features extra lugging and side cuts that ensure the mate between the I.M.B. and the stock is permanent with no chance of it shooting loose even under the most severe recoil or weapon handling. 


The design also includes extensions that exit the bottom of the DBM inlet and act as the ultimate non-compressible pillars.  SENTINEL DBM bottom metal mates perfectly against these flats for the most rigid and repeatable fit possible.

SENTINEL Combat Stock - Base Stock Package includes:  


Complete inletting to your specifications.             Molded in colors and patterns to your specifications.     Stock body filled to your spec.   KMW DBM bottom metal with 1 x Accuracy International 5rd. magazine.   6061-T6 Pillars cut to length and ready to install.      Adjustable cheek rest with LoggerHead hardware.   KMW L.O.P. spacer system with Pachmayr D550 pad.        KMW convertible bipod hardpoint with 1913 rail and Harris plate.       5 x Gen II Limited Rotation flush cup sling hardpoints.        Extra L.O.P. spacers.   


BASE PRICE:  $1,441.50 U.S.D.    *Includes UPS delivery inside C.O.N.U.S.




SENTINEL Combat Stock - Optional Features  


Integrated Mounting Block:  The I.M.B. is available as a permanennt upgrade to your stock.  This feature is referred to as a "chassis" by some and does allow the user to "bolt in and go" with no traditional bedding needed.


With over 1,100 SENTINEL stocks fielded with an I.M.B., the track record for this feature has been extraordinary.   Accuracy and Zero retention has been on par with my bedded rifles.


Add:  $185.00 U.S.D.    *Must be specified and included in the initial order for your stock.




MUNSter NV mount:  The MUNSter is an EFR style mount that is a permanent upgrade to your stock.  This is a true 2nd Generation mount that is optimized for the larger night vision units (. . as in the MUNS AN/PVS-27) and thermal clip-on units. 


The MUNSter is very low profile with plenty of rail space.  The upper hemisphere can be reversed to accomdate a wider variety of primary optics and NV units.  Each mount is shipped with one removable side accessory rail that boasts an extremely snag free, log profile shape.  Also included are rubber ladder style 1913 rail protectors.  *an additional side accesory rail can be ordered seperately.  


Through hole of this mount is 1.200" diameter.  Most Heavy Varmint and MTU barrel contours will interfere.  I recommend that maximum barrel O.D. be 1.100" or smaller at the point it enters the mount.  


Add:  $245.00 U.S.D.    *This option should be specified and included in the initial order for your stock. 

Click here to request a custom stock workorder to review.

  *There is no obligation to purchase by requesting a workorder/quote.

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