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Sample Colors and Patterns

               SENTINEL   Combat Stocks    


A large variety of Marble and Camouflage patterns as well as solid colors can be "molded in" as part of the Gel Coat outer epoxy layer.

This is my effort to start building a database of images that represent some of the available colors that the SENTINEL Combat Stock can be ordered with.  I will be adding other colors and variations as time permits.


                                                          Double click on gallery image to view larger photo.

     **The variety of stock colors and patterns is not limited to the examples shown on this page.  Some of these

             sample stock images may have a barreled action in the white shown for scale and color balance.




Desert Ambush
Marble - LtTan, OD,Blk
Coyote Ambush
ACU Specter
Flame - Red, White, Blue
Flecktarn 2
Flecktarn 1
Marble - OD,Blk,LtTan
Flecktarn 3

PHOTO GALLERY of COLOR and                       PATTERN SAMPLES

Short Action IMB- Right Hand - as of 5/4/18

#1398  Desert Specter
#1421 Desert Ambush
#1413 Coyote Ambush
#1485 KMW Camo - OD, Black, LtTan
#1357 ACU Specter
#1221 Gray, Green, LtTan, Black
#1449 Danish M84 Flecktarn

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