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Short Action  DBM


Integral KMW Captv-Mag    tabs

$269.50  Plus shipping.

 *Includes pillars and stock bolts.  

        - - No magazine - - 

KMW M5  D.jpg

Inlet CNC program already on file with Foundation Stocks, Manners Composite                                            Stocks and McMillan Fiberglass Stocks.

         Based on the extremely successful SENTINEL   DBM system in use on 

          SENTINEL stocks and SENTINEL/LongSword rifles around the world.

                                  Accepts AICS pattern 5 or 10 rd   magazines



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List and links for distributors as well as top tier builders that are using this hardware will be compiled below.

Premium Design and Manufacturing Features:  This M5 pattern DBM bottom metal hardware features chamfers and bevels on all external and internal edges that can come into contact with your hand, your magazine or your other gear.  No sharp edges like found on economy DBMs from other sources.  Including this simple design feature correctly on the finished part means utilizing more expensive CNC equipment and a little more process time per part but we absolutely believe it is worth the effort.  


The KMW M5 pattern DBM hardware offers an excellent balance between premium features and pricing.

KMW Captv-Mag   tabs:   I designed the Captv-Mag   feature into existing SENTINEL   and LongSword     bottom metal hardware so that the rifles could be used in any shooting position without fear of a prop or rest causing the magazine to shift into an unacceptable position.

This feature limits the vertical travel of AICS style magazines with the magazine well and assists in stabilizing the magazine.   Combined with the additional vertical support designed into all KMW DBM hardware and the enhanced magazine latch, this feature insures that your magazine will not interfere with the bolt path or cause feed malfunctions due to contact with barricades, bags, etc.


Maximum Z-axis control of your magazine:  The KMW M5 pattern keeps all of the pertinent design elements of the SENTINEL   magazine well.  This includes using all available means to support the AICS style magazines without holding the magazines so tight that insertion and removal are a pain.  


From the beginning my thoughts were that if the magazine itself is going to protrude from the bottom of the rifle then the magazine well should protect it and would not be anymore obtrusive than the magazine body.


When combined with the Captv-Mag    feature, the increased Z-axis support means that the shooter is less likely to induce a feed failure because the magazine is controlled better.  Having the front of the magazine well extend below the stock belly also helps insure that the magazine is not damaged or put in a bind when pushing against rails, barricades or other hardpoints used as a rest in the field or competition.  

KMW was the first to incorporate the extended depth magwell in a DBM hardware set.  Since then several other makers have copied the lines and design of the extended mag box in their own "NEW" products.

Enhanced magazine well opening:   The original M5 design is far too thin to offer enough wall material for a good bevel or chamfer at the mag well opening.

Not only does the KMW mag well extend to better support the magazine, this design widens the thickness of the mag well walls below the waterline of the host stock allowing for a more generous bevel for easier magazine insertion.

Low Profile Ambidextrous Magazine Release Latch :  Just like the SENTINEL   DBMs, the KMW M5 magazine latch is very conformal and protected compared to a many latch systems.   This design minimizes snag points and decreases the likelihood of accidentally releasing your magazine during movement or transporting. 

KMW was the first to incorporate a T- shaped release latch.


Premium materials and coatings :  All KMW M5 pattern DBMs are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum.   After passing inspection, they are processed with a premium Mil-Spec 1mil hardcoat anodizing.  This anodizing is a true MATTE via aluminum oxide surface prep prior to hitting the tanks and it is a true Hard Coat specification.  The magazine latches are machined from 17-4 PH Stainless and processed with a premium IonBond DLC finish.  NO MORE RUSTY MAG LATCHES on hard use guns.

Well established inlet :  The KMW M5 pattern DBM utilizes the same inlet footprint and pinch-points (pillar heights) as the popular Badger Ordnance M5 hardware.

Weight:  This M5 pattern DBM assembly weighs 4.08 ounces or 116.0 grams without pillars or stock bolts.

What it comes with :  Each KMW M5 pattern DBM bottom metal hardware set comes with 9/16" diameter pillars machined from 6061-T6 to the correct length to insure compatibility with existing M5 inlets as well as proper function with Remington M700 and all similar custom versions.


Custom KMW Stock Bolts are included.  These stock bolts are heat treated, feature 3/16" Hex drive heads and are manufactured to the correct length if installed into accurate stock inlets.  NO MORE GRINDING SCREWS to fit.


**The top/back of the magazine well box is already relieved to clear actions with trigger hangars like the excellent IMPACT 737.


This M5 DBM is not priced or packaged with magazines due to the number of variable caliber and style variations that you could build to.









WHY did I develop an M5 pattern DBM ?

The original KMW Mk-1 DBM bottom metal hardware was purposefully built to be robust and allow what I felt was a good balance of mass in the proper places with good ergonomics and light weight.   Like the Surgeon DBM, the KMW Mk-1 requires a specific stock inlet that is larger than the common BDL inlet standards.

Even though sales of the Mk-1 DBM have been excellent, the facts are that many stock makers attempting to keep an inventory of "pre-built" stocks will choose to cut the well established M5 pattern inlet which will not accommodate the Mk-1 DBM.

Taking the lessons learned and the best features of current KMW DBMs, I designed an M5 pattern DBM hardware with enhancements that I believe add to the function, utility and cosmetics that other competitive M5 DBMs do not offer.

The primary business of KMW is building precision field rifles.  KMW is a small boutique shop and my business model is not set up to efficiently handle high quantities of individual orders. 


While KMW will always be your primary contact for any issues or failures you may experience with this hardware, I encourage you to contact one of the distributors or builders listed below if you would like to order a KMW M5 DBM hardware set.


These fine people offer friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff.  Just like KMW, they also appreciate your business.  Their links are listed below :

Stuteville Precision:

OTM Tactical:

Foundation Stocks:

You can also order the KMW M5 DBM hardware direct from the webstore on this site.


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