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MUNSter   Gen II

         Night Vision Mount

Stock Mounted Forward Night Vision mount that is designed to reliably handle the heavier AN/PVS-27 Magnum Universal Night Sight (MUNS) and Dual Channel Thermal units.


The Magnum Universal Night Sight Tactical Embedded Rail allows maximum rail availability and the lowest available unit height.





The KMW MUNSter NV mount was designed from scratch to be used with all of the heavier NV, Thermal and Dual Channel units that are mounted in front of your primary day optic when deployed.



The lower assembly is permanently bonded into the host stock.  This assembly is engineered with a fish bone style architecture to tranfer recoil forces to maximum surface area in the stock inlet.  This pattern also gives more shear resistance, spreads the recoil load better adn allows a more solid anchor when bonded to the stock.


The upper assembly is a close tolerance fit with the lower assembly and mates with anti-shear lugs on both the X and Y-axis.  6 Grade-8 screws hold the upper and lower assembly together.  The complete assembly is designed to present a mounting solutions as close to the barrel as possible. 

The removable side accesory rail is thoughtfully designed to be as conformal as possible to the stock surface.  The approach and departure angles on this side rail are angled at 45 degrees from the stock. 


This accessory rail is removable and fits both sides of the MUNSter upper.  It straddles 2 recoil lugs when mounted and is secured with two large cap head screws.  These features provide an ultra low profile rail that is as snag resistant as possible while remaining extremely strong. 

INFO AND PROJECT PLANNING:  Below is an image file with dimensional information that may be valuable in feasibility and installation planning.  Click on the link to access the PDF file.

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