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SENTINEL S.W.S.  My benchmark for state of the art precision call out weapons

After years of building custom bolt action rifles to each customer's exact specs, I have decided to offer "Spec" built rifle packages that offer ruggedness and accuracy second to none.  These rifles are built one at a time, personally hand finished, inspected and test fired just like my custom rifles have always been.



The heart of the SENTINEL S.W.S. is the SENTINEL Mk-1 short action produced by Defiance Machine in Montana.  This action offers mission specific features that are machined integral to the receiver from one block of steel.  All final dimensional machining is completed after heat treat.  The center bore and lug raceways of the receiver are EDM wired leaving an inside dimension that runs parallel to the exterior within 0.001" 


Some of the main features of this action are: 

      Rem M700 style footprint.

      Integral 20 M.O.A. Picatinny 1913 Mil-Spec base.

      Integral .250" recoil lug.

      23% longer barrel tenon thread increases engagement and rigidity. 

      Heavy duty, side mounted bolt release.

      Heavy duty Mini-16 Extractor.

      Bolt handle base is machined integral to the bolt body so there are no welds or brazing to break.

      KMW Gen II Handle.



I use only match grade, cut rifled barrel blanks from Krieger Barrels .  These blanks are manufactured in Wisconsin.  The minimal stress of the cut rifling process allows a barrel that is very well behaved through a wide temperature range.  Each blank is precision machined and chambered by KMW for perfect alignment.  Certain clearances and fit tolerances are tailored to allow for operational extremes.


Variants of the SENTINEL will be offered with differing barrel lengths and suppressor mounting options.


Chamberings will vary with each group of rifles but primary calibers will be:  6mmXC,  6mm Creedmoor,  6.5x47 Lapua,  6.5 Creedmoor,  .260 Remington and .308 Win.


*NOTE:  LongSword rifles will be chambered in .300 Win.Mag., .300 Norma Mag., .338 Lapua Mag., and .338 Norma Mag.



Triggers are supplied by Timney Manufacturing.  I have found the new generation Model 510 to be extremely reliable and rugged.  Customers opting for lighter pull weights have the option of the Timney Calvin-Elite.



Each SENTINEL rifle rides in a proprietary stock designed by KMW.  The raw stock bodies are manufactured by McMillan Fiberglass Stocks in Phoenix, AZ.  Each stock then has all hardware installed and additional cuts made by KMW to make it build ready.  This stock design was developed over a period of 4 years.  It includes input from top competition shooters as well as Law Enforcement agencies from different parts of the country.


This stock was dubbed the SENTINEL Combat Stock and features an ambidextrous thumbhole grip and adjustable cheek piece design.  Unique features include a very low profile forend with comformal bottom optimized for the excellent Harris S-Series bipods.  A user swappable plate system allows the substitution of a supplied 1913 Picatinny Rail for those wanting to utilize the Accu-Shot or similar bipods.


Marble and Camo patterns are molded into the Gel Coat outer layer of the epoxy shell which allows for extreme durability and excellent long term cosmetics.


Each KMW SENTINEL S.W.S. rides in a version of this stock that includes  a precision machined Integrated Mounting Block or I.M.B. in lieu of conventional bedding.  This system has proven itself in duty and competition environments and carries a Lifetime warranty.


Every SENTINEL stock includes LoggerHead adjustable cheek piece hardware, Adjustable KMW Length of Pull spacer system and KMW designed DBM bottom metal that fully blends with and integrates seamlessly with this stock. 


KMW MUNSter PVS-22/27 forward Night Vision mount can be specified on these packages.  More information on the MUNSter NV mount can be seen by clicking here > KMW MUNSter NV Mount.


More information on these stocks can be seen by clicking here > SENTINEL Combat Stock.



Bolt Body, Firing Pin and Cocking Piece are coated by I.H.I. IonBond with a dark gray DLC finish for extreme durability and low maintenance.


Balance of metal components are coated in house with CeraKote "H" series ceramic hybrid finish.  Base colors are suited to the spec of each group of rifles.  Some groups of rifles will feature our MIRAGE 2 or 3 color CeraKote application.  This features one or two contrasting color bands over the base color.  Soft transitions from one color to another provides superior camouflage to sharp edge changes often seen when stencils are used.  I believe that the softer transition of colors with the MIRAGE pattern offers an effective shadow type breakup camo that is superior to smaller detail patterns when in the field.










KMW "Spec" rifles and agency contract rifles can be delivered with primary day optic mounted and basic 100yd zero.  KMW uses, trusts and endorses Vortex Optics Razor  as well as Night Force Optics ATACR-F1 and NXS scopes.  Specific model, reticle and turret choice can be detailed at time of quote.



Specification Sheet



All rifles go through thorough initial inspections.  Bore break in is done and all rifles are tested for accuracy as well as function  before release for delivery to the client.  All SENTINEL S.W.S. are guaranted to group 1/2 M.O.A. or better @ 100 yds with match quality ammunition. Each rifle must fire 3 consecutive 3-shot groups < 1/2 M.O.A. on one test target to be released for delivery.  This ensures that I have a healthy rifle and you are not getting "cherry picked" groups.


If your rifle fails to perform, I will fix the problem part at no charge unless there are obvious signs of neglect or abuse.  My name is stamped on every rifle because I think a rifle smith or business should be accountable for the work being delivered.  All of my rifles are built to be used!  I do not ship a rifle unless I would be willing to bet my own skin on it. 


All work is guaranteed.


Pricing of the SENTINEL S.W.S. will vary depending on the exact specs for each group.  As each group of rifles are completed and made available, a downloadable PDF file will be available showing exact pricing and specifications.  Delivery of "Spec" rifles would be within 2 weeks of initial order confirmation. 


Agency RFQs and RFPs are welcome.  Pricing and delivery will be based on your exact specifications and the number of S.W.S.s being quoted.

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