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Gen II forward mounted NV mount. Permanently mounts into front of stock with through hole design. Hole opening for barrel is 1.200" in diameter. Not recommended for barrels larger than 1.100" O.D. at the point they enter the mount. Typical distance to the mount is approximately 7 inches from the face of a short action receiver.

The host stock will require inletting to accept the installation of this mount. Dimensional information is available on the MUNSter web page for you to determine the ability of your stock to host this mount.

The MUNSter NV mount kit includes: Upper and lower MUNSter hemispheres, 6 x 6-32 Grade 8 socket head T15 screws, One conformal side accessory rail, 2 x 8-32 Grade 8 socket head T20 screws.

MUNSter NV Mount

  • MUNSter NV kits that have been altered cannot be returned for refund.

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