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Adjustable Cheek Piece hardware.  Precision machined aluminum and stainless steel parts.  Aluminum is black anodized and stainless is blacked with Chrome Sulphide for low visual profile, added corrosion resistance and uniform appearance. 

Hardware set ships with all parts necessary to complete the installation.

Note: This hardware is designed to be installed by an experienced person with adequate tools and equipment to complete the necessary cuts and holes.

LoggerHead ACP Hardware by KMW

  • Pricing shown if for the LoggerHead hardware only and is not an "installed" price.

  • At this time, I do not have any formal installation instructions printed but do plan on having a brief tutorial available soon.  There are 3 downloadable PDF image files with dimensional information shown on the LoggerHead web page that may help you plan your installation or help research the compatibility of your host stock with this hardware.

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