100% manufactured in the U.S.A.


The KMW Mk-1 is a true premium Gen II bottom metal.  Each is precision machined in accordance to my original design.  All edges are generously chamfered to eliminate sharp corners that are common with cheap Gen I designs.


T-shaped magazine latch is ambidextrous.  Latch and mag well will accept all Accuracy International AICS and AW pattern magazines.

This bottom metal uses the same foot-print and inlet dimensions as the KMW SENTINEL Short Action and SURGEON Short Action DBM bottom metals.

The KMW Mk-1 bottom metal hardware includes:  Precision machined front and back pillars that are 5/8" diameter.  Pillar material is 6061-T6 and surface is aluminum oxide blasted to give best mechanical anchor to your bedding compounds.  


U.S. manufactured Holo-Krome front and back stock bolts are also included.


*This bottm metal is packaged and priced without magazine due to wide range of project specifications it may be used in.

Mk-1 Short Action DBM Bottom Metal

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  • Mk-1 bottom metal that has been altered cannot be returned for refund.

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